A thankful heart…

One of the things I have learned in my walk with the Lord is how important it is to start each day with a thankful heart. My best days are those that I start my day by thanking and praising Him for everything He’s doing and providing for in my and others lives. 

A few years ago I had the opportunity to be a part of an evangelical outreach mission called Revive Twin Cities. I had such a truly amazing experience…can’t even put it into words! I spent a week enveloped in an event where the power of Holy Spirit was so strong and we saw God move in such powerful ways. Of course when I got home I was completely fired up and had a new stream of people and things to pray for and about but I was completely surprised when…every single time I would start praying for these things, the Holy Spirit would tell me to “thank Him”. Over the course of the next few days, every time I would think about Revive, I would be redirected to thank and praise Him for every aspect…the way He had changed my heart through this event, His power which I had experienced, the people I had met, the testimonies I’d heard, just everything. So I thanked and I praised Him over and over…He is SO worthy of all that praise! Every time I would thank and praise Him, I would get this burst of excitement all over again for what I had just experienced. It was through this that I learned the true importance and significance of starting my time with the Lord with a thankful heart that praises Him.

It’s no wonder why my best days are those where I start with a thankful heart…we were made to worship and praise Him! 

Our thankfulness acknowledges His presence in our lives and prepares our hearts to humbly bring our requests before the Lord…which He faithfully responds to! Psalm 100:4 says “Enter His gates with thanksgiving, And His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him; bless His name.” 

Heavenly Father, you are worthy of all our thankfulness and praise! You…who created Heaven and Earth and each of us in it. You…who sent your Son Jesus to save us and give us hope. You…who is faithful and answers our prayers. You Father…are worthy of all praise…thank you! 

Trust and Thankfulness…

Wake up and start your day with thanking the Lord for all He did for you yesterday and all that He WILL DO for you today and tomorrow.  He deserves our praises and recognition for all He does for us (even the smallest of things)!

 This morning I thanked Him again for the safety of all of our belongings that arrived on the moving truck down to Arizona, for giving me a successful week setting up the new house, the motivation for all the cleaning I did and the sense of security that I had knowing that although I was by myself in this big house in a strange city that I was never alone!! I trusted that He would supply me with everything I needed here this week and He supplied just that…Himself!! His blessings, His presence, His safety, His strength, His security. 

Trust that He will provide for you and He WILL. Have the kind of trust where you trust Him so much that you can honestly thank Him in advance for what you know He WILL do!!! Then when He does exactly that, thank Him for it!!! 

I posted a moving update on Facebook the other night and several people commented about how everything seems to be falling into place for us…TO GOD BE THE GLORY!! Absolutely every single detail has fallen into place exactly when it needed to – THANK YOU LORD!!!

Trust and thankfulness…thank you Father for showing me how important these things are to my relationship with you…