A thankful heart…

One of the things I have learned in my walk with the Lord is how important it is to start each day with a thankful heart. My best days are those that I start my day by thanking and praising Him for everything He’s doing and providing for in my and others lives. 

A few years ago I had the opportunity to be a part of an evangelical outreach mission called Revive Twin Cities. I had such a truly amazing experience…can’t even put it into words! I spent a week enveloped in an event where the power of Holy Spirit was so strong and we saw God move in such powerful ways. Of course when I got home I was completely fired up and had a new stream of people and things to pray for and about but I was completely surprised when…every single time I would start praying for these things, the Holy Spirit would tell me to “thank Him”. Over the course of the next few days, every time I would think about Revive, I would be redirected to thank and praise Him for every aspect…the way He had changed my heart through this event, His power which I had experienced, the people I had met, the testimonies I’d heard, just everything. So I thanked and I praised Him over and over…He is SO worthy of all that praise! Every time I would thank and praise Him, I would get this burst of excitement all over again for what I had just experienced. It was through this that I learned the true importance and significance of starting my time with the Lord with a thankful heart that praises Him.

It’s no wonder why my best days are those where I start with a thankful heart…we were made to worship and praise Him! 

Our thankfulness acknowledges His presence in our lives and prepares our hearts to humbly bring our requests before the Lord…which He faithfully responds to! Psalm 100:4 says “Enter His gates with thanksgiving, And His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him; bless His name.” 

Heavenly Father, you are worthy of all our thankfulness and praise! You…who created Heaven and Earth and each of us in it. You…who sent your Son Jesus to save us and give us hope. You…who is faithful and answers our prayers. You Father…are worthy of all praise…thank you! 

What a life-changing experience!!!

I’m back home from Revive Twin Cities and just reflecting on the past couple of days. I am so very blessed!! I will be thinking about the experiences I’ve just had for the rest of my life – they were that life changing. I went out on one of the teams yesterday to share The Gospel. We ended up in a pretty tough neighborhood in St. Paul. One of the individuals The Lord led us to was a believer in Christ but was currently struggling with his faith. When we asked how we could pray for him he asked that we pray for is faith to be increased. I led our group in prayer to ask The Holy Spirit to rise up in this man and guide him back to Jesus and to fully equip him with the faith he needs to commit his life to Christ. When we were done praying we gave him a Bible. There was a gleam of excitement in his voice as he talked about sharing the new Bible we’d just given him with his children. I have no doubt that the simple act of some strangers coming up to him and asking if they could pray for him had just changed his life – The Lord led us to this man for a reason!! Wow, what an experience for our team to have been used as the hands, feet, and voice on the ground!!

Tuesday morning during prayer before all the teams went out, the worship team asked us to all get up from our chairs and while holding hands with your neighbors to make a circle. Folks, there were so many of us that the circle encompassed the entire perimeter if the football field we were on. I am telling you there is no better way to sing and worship our Lord than united in a way like that – what a powerful experience.

There were a lot of other experiences I could share with you but I’m already getting rather wordy. Needless to say, I can’t wait for it to be announced when and where the next Time To Revive event will be held at!!

For everyone reading this, I pray that The Lord will ignite a fire in you that will bring you to a new level in your own faith and give you boldness to get out of your current comfort level and in your own ways be the hands, the feet, and the voice for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In Jesus name, Amen.


Our God is so awesome!!!!

I am at Revive Twin Cities this week volunteering. In case you’ve never heard of it, Revive Twin Cities is an event going on in Minneapolis, MN right now to share The Gospel with those that have not yet accepted Jesus as their Savior. I am once again blown away by the sheer awesomeness of our God!!! His presence here is just AMAZING. The stories shared by the teams that went out today were filled with His presence. The Holy Spirit is leading them to the lost and there have been many saved already – praise The Lord!!! On a more personal level… He introduced me to a few people today that I know I was absolutely meant to meet. My husband also accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior today – another answered prayer!!!!!! Oh, and did I mention I got baptized??? Wow, what a fantastic day!!! Words just can’t quite describe… Revival IS happening – thank you Lord Jesus!!!

They are streaming the worship services live online at http://www.revivetwincities.org every evening this week at 7pm if you care to check it out – they are awesome!!!