Oh how I love my Jesus…

I had a moment today when I reflected on things I’ve said, thoughts I’ve had and things I’ve done that were disappointing to my Heavenly Father. I continue to let Him down. He reminded me that although I’m still learning and making mistakes, I always will be. He reminded me that He knows that I believe in Him and trust in Him. He knows that I break down in tears when I think about Him. He remembers all the times that He’s wrapped me in a blanket of peace when I’ve cried out to Him asking for a hug. 

You see my friends, He also knows our hearts. He knows we’re going to continue to disappoint Him but He STILL loves us.

Romans 5:8 “but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us”

Oh how I love my Jesus…

At the end of your rope, just say Jesus…

 If you’re broken…if you’re lost…if you’re hurting…if you’re thinking you can’t go on another minute…if you’re at the end of your rope – even if you don’t have the words…just say Jesus. 

The moment that we hand our problems and sorrows over to Jesus, is the moment He picks them up, carries them for us and changes us along the way…


The Lord spoke to me on my way home from church today and said the word FREEDOM. I knew what it meant…it was the answer to why I have been feeling such complete peace and joy since moving down to Arizona. Why freedom? Since putting my trust in Christ three years ago, I have been changed. I’m not the same person I once used to be, I truly am a new creation. I don’t act the way I used to act, I don’t think the way I used to think, and I don’t talk the way I used to talk. There are a few close friends that I was able to discuss the changes going on within me but to everyone else, they just saw the change of my outward appearance as I lost weight. They were completely oblivious to the changes going on inside…the changes that were transforming me as a result of following Christ. We lived in a small town back in North Dakota, the kind where everyone knows everyone. Although I was slowly coming out of my shell and getting to the point to where I was confident in my new identity that I was being able to let it shine through in some respects, there was still a lot of me that felt I needed to hold back from showing the real “new” me. I didn’t feel comfortable to completely reveal what I had become. I felt like I was somehow trapped within two different dimensions, and wanted badly to be able to break through and just fully live out the new me.

Since moving to Arizona, I have been able to just be me…the new me! No one here knows the old me or has any pre-conceived notions about my past. I get a completely fresh start. When I meet someone here, I don’t worry about offending someone by talking about my faith or saying something that might sound strange. I can raise my hands during worship in church and I don’t care who looks at me strange. I don’t feel like I’m being judged and quite frankly don’t care if I am. I have a confidence now that I’ve never had before and it’s growing stronger every day. I am finding who I am in Christ, and letting my true light shine.

2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

Praise God!!! He is so amazing, words just can’t describe…


Every day I am more and more amazed. The Lord is teaching me so many things right now, I could write for hours and hours about it! 

The point I want to pass on right now is about His will and the peace that comes when you walk in His will for your life. He is showing me the full depth of the peace that walking in His will brings. When you walk in His will and move in the direction that He wants you to go in, He pours out unbelievable blessings and provides a supernatural peace that truly passes  understanding. 

I’m living that at this very moment. I’ve had some difficult things to deal with in the past few weeks and yet I told my mom just this week that I’ve never been happier and more at peace than I am right now and have been since we moved to Arizona. Just a few short months ago my husband and I were giving notice to our employers and lining up a moving company to move across the country from North Dakota to Arizona without any jobs lined up and without an address to give the movers. We walked in what we believed was His will for us, followed the peace and laid our whole lives down at His feet. He gave me complete peace at a time I couldn’t have possibly had peace. At the “last minute” or EXACTLY when we actually needed it (His perfect timing), He provided me with a transfer with my current employer and a beautiful house to call home. God is so great!! God is so faithful!! God is so trustworthy!! I am now finding myself in another situation where I need to just trust Him and I have once again laid mine and my family’s life down at His feet. Despite the recent situation, I have a crazy peace that I can’t understand and joy that I never knew was possible. What’s different now than the rest of my life when I didn’t have peace and joy? I’m actually walking in His will now; things are starting to come into alignment the way He planned. 

Walk with Him. Let Him walk with you. Let Him set the stride. There are countless blessings when you make Jesus the focus of your life!! My life is absolute proof. 

Psalm 16:11 – You will make known to me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; in Your right hand there are pleasures forever. 

Good enough is just not good enough…

So I finished up my last post and headed out the door for a walk. Not more than a few minutes into my walk all these thoughts started flooding in and I knew they were for another post. Forty minutes into my walk, I just can’t stand it… I’ve got to stop and start writing! Ok Lord, another post it is…

Good enough is just not good enough.

What am I talking about? Glad you asked! We were not meant to just go through the motions of this thing called life. For each of us that call ourselves believers, we have been called by God. We have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior and have decided to follow His lead and put our trust in Him…right? So are we following Him? Are we trusting Him? Do you lay down your life and truly trust that He’ll pick it up? We CANNOT just go through the motions of life, we were made for so much more!! If you don’t have joy in your life, if you don’t have peace in your life – you are going through the motions! I can say that because I’ve been on the other side of that coin, I didn’t always have joy and peace…but I do now!! If you are merely going through the motions of life, stop accepting that – that’s not what God wants for you. He wants each of us to be filled with His Holy Spirit and His power, His Joy, His Peace, His Patience, His love. How do you do more than just go through the motions? SEEK HIM! Get into His Word! Pray, pray, pray!! Make a decision that you are going to follow Him and let Him lead you and then ask for His help to help you do it!

Good enough is not good enough. You can be free from stress, free from worry, and instead be filled with hope and peace and comfort…that’s His plan for us if we’ll humble ourselves to ask for His help and make our relationship with Him a priority.

 Good enough is just not good enough anymore…get fired up…stop going through the motions…stop accepting less than His best for you…invite Him on your daily walk through life…seek Him…trust Him! Let Him illuminate YOUR path as He has mine! 

Thank you Heavenly Father for calling me to life. Thank you for your son Jesus that saved me and walks with me every day and because of Him, I can have a relationship with You. Thank you for the light You shine on me and through me. Thank you for the thoughts and the words that You give me, all the glory to You Father. 

When the Holy Spirit speaks…

Had an amazing experience yesterday…

I had a conversation with someone and it left me feeling uneasy. I was worried about it and the conversation kept replaying in my mind over and over on my drive home. My stomach felt like it was tied in knots and the rest of my body was physically feeling the effects of the stress. The thought came over me of “This person doesn’t have power to make me feel like this”. The very second that this thought coursed through my mind, the knot in my stomach dissolved and the feelings of stress released its grip on me. Just like that the feelings of worry and unease were completely gone. My next thoughts were that of “hey, that’s right…this person doesn’t have the power to make me feel like this”. It was like someone else was the one with the initial thought and I was merely agreeing with them! A flurry of other thoughts and thankfulness and emotion washed over me as I realized that the Holy Spirit had just talked through me to remind me that only He has this kind of power over me. Other people don’t have this kind of power unless I let them. It reminded me that when I know  I’m right with the Lord, it doesn’t matter if I’m right with anyone of this world. Wow, what a powerful experience…to go from complete worry to complete peace!!

What’s even more neat about this is that this is right on the heels of my prayers earlier this week asking that the power of the Holy Spirit completely fill me. All praise to God that loves us and answers our prayers!!

Friends, we must live to serve our Heavenly Father…not people of this world! The only thing that matters is that we are right with Him…when we’re right with Him, everything else is right…

Finding His peace…

My parents always told me growing up to go where the peace is and if you have a peace about a situation, it’s the right thing because that peace comes from God.

A special peace just came over me as I was walking out of the Sunday service I just attended. I thought the words “I’m home”. Not specifically for the church I had just attended, but Arizona…and especially this city. I don’t know why the Lord has brought me to Surprise, AZ, but I trust that in time that will be revealed. This peace is another confirmation!

Peace comes when we are following what Jesus wants for us. My friends, if you don’t have peace – seek it, seek Him.

Proverbs 8:17 “I love those who love me: And those who diligently seek me will find me”

I thank you for your peace Lord Jesus, that confirms that I am on the right path…the Lighted path.

Looking for God’s Touch

For those of us that are believers, we’re all looking for God’s touch – how He’s working in our lives, how He’s there to pick up the pieces as they start falling down. So why does His touch seem to be more evident for some people than others? Why is it so clear how and when He’s working in some people’s lives and not for others? You may be waiting around wondering when and how God is going to show up for you in your life but He IS working on everything, in each one of our lives. Even when we don’t feel His presence with us, He’s there. How amazing for us that He IS always there!

God has shown up in my life in a very big way, His work in me is very evident by not only the physical transformation but also the spiritual transformation I have undergone. His plan for my life has and is starting to become clear to me but it wasn’t always that way. Although I believed in God and believed Jesus to be my Savior, I did not feel His presence in my life. It wasn’t until I reached out to Him and called on Him for His help in my life that I started to become aware of His presence and He started to become “real” to me. I understand now that He had always been there, at work in my life but it didn’t become evident to me until I put my faith and trust in Him. Sometimes it’s hard to see the sunlight through the trees, but just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that it’s not there. He IS there – He always has been and always will be. For us believers, He is the one constant that we can count on in our lives. If you don’t feel His presence in your life like you see Him have in others, there is a reason for that. He is working out every detail behind the scenes and one day in His time, it will be revealed to you. Until then…just trust. Read His word! Seek Him! Have patience and just trust. When the time is right – all the pieces will come together, the sunlight will break through and it will all become clear. Just trust.

Dear Father,

Thank you for the light you have given me so that I may be a light to others! Thank you for revealing yourself to me, for making your presence known in my life. This light that you have given me exists to glorify you and show others of your mercy and grace.

Today I pray for each of your children that you have called and who seek your face but have yet to feel your loving touch. Lord, give each of them your peace…the peace that passes all understanding. Give them a glimpse of their life to come when they are in closer relationship with you. Reveal yourself to them so that they too can glorify you. Fill them with your light so that they can also shine brightly and be a light to others. Father, help them to reach out to you. Help them to get out of their comfort zones and step out of their boxes to reach for YOU…not a specific church, not a specific “religion” but YOU.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Leaving Him some room to work…

Our great God is absolutely amazing! I am so overcome with a feeling of peace right now that I just had to share it with you. So for those of you that have not been following my blog – me and my family are planning a move to Arizona. I’ve been applying for jobs in Phoenix since this past June and have not yet found “the one”. I had recently applied for one that I thought (okay, I hoped) was the one. I found out last week that I did not get that job. I wasn’t upset about it because I know that the Lord has the right one in mind for me and that obviously wasn’t it. The Sunday before I found out about not getting this job, the sermon at church was about how you have to give God some room to work in your life – if you try to have full control of everything, you’re not leaving Him any room. I felt like that sermon had my name written all over it; it sure hit home. I realized that this is exactly what I had been doing the past few weeks – trying to stay in control. I wasn’t consistently leaving Him room to work in my life because I was trying to go about things in my own ways. I have the proactive, planning, take control kind of personality and my human nature gets in the way sometimes. I guess you could say I’ve been gently reminded that I am NOT the one in control and everything WILL turn out the way it’s supposed to if I let go of the control freak nature and give Him some room to work. So I took a step back (again!), I lifted up all my doubts and worries to Him and re-confirmed my trust in Him. I’m still unsure of when all the pieces are going to come together but I have hope that they will. I have been filled with such an overwhelming peace, a peace that could only come from Him. My Lord has a perfect plan for me – I need only be patient and wait for it to be revealed.

Romans 15:13 “May God, the source of hope, fill you with joy and peace through your faith in Him. Then you will overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

John 14:27 “I’m leaving you peace. I’m giving you my peace. I don’t give you the kind of peace that the world gives. So don’t be troubled or cowardly.”

Thank you Jesus for always leading me back to the path when I start to wander. You are faithful God, forever.

He is worthy of our trust!

I just can’t imagine (knowing what I know now) walking through life without the Lord by my side. I can walk in a complete stride of trust. I used to be a worrier – a big time worrier! Now, I’m the one with a sense of peace and others are worrying around me. My personal relationship with Him has grown so much and He has show me that He CAN be trusted. Right now He is faithfully working out all the details for everything in my life. Even with something as big as an upcoming move across the country, finding jobs, finding a good neighborhood and good schools for our girls, I am completely at peace and am able to put trust in Him and He is blessing me for that in return. Every situation that I put my trust in Him and give up control of, He confirms that He is with me and is trustworthy. He never lets me down.

So here’s my latest example: When we had decided to move to Arizona, one of the things that I started looking into was some of the after-school child care programs available knowing that if I (and probably my husband too) was going to commute to Phoenix each day, that the girls would need some kind of after-school program. Not to mention something for the morning as well. After seeing the costs for it and the fact that the hours still probably wouldn’t fully accommodate a full work day plus commute time, I knew that I just couldn’t worry about it and handed it over to the Lord knowing that when the time comes, he would provide for that too. So I was visiting with my mom this past weekend and she (without me having shared my concerns on this topic) says that the Lord gave her the word nanny after she had been praying about what she is supposed to do in Arizona (she’s been planning on retiring and moving back down there with us). She said that the only thing that keeps coming to mind when she thinks about what she is supposed to be doing down there after retiring is to help out with the kids. At this point, I share the fact that I had previously had concerns about what to do with the kids with being gone extended hours but had just trusted that the Lord would take care of it at the time. Wow, what a great moment as we realize that He has just answered prayers for both of us!!

Our God is so great and wants to help us in every way possible – we need only to let Him. Tell Him your problems, your worries, your fears and ask for His help. Nothing is too big for the Creator of all to handle. Invite Him along on your daily walk in life – you will be amazed how He shows up!

Psalms 9:10 “And they that know your name will put their trust in you; for you, Lord, have not forsaken them that seek you.”

Thank you Lord Jesus for being the foundation that I can build my life upon. You are the everlasting light for my path.