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Hi there! Whether I’ve known you personally for years or you have just stumbled across my blog, it’s nice to spend some time with you. I would love to share my story, my faith and inspirations with you and would love even more for you to share yours with me and the other readers of this blog. I feel it is so important to connect with other believers for so many reasons. I’m hoping that this can become an outlet for not only me but others to share information, build faith, and inspire others. So here’s my story…

My name is Jenny Gjovik. I live in Arizona with my husband Craig and my two daughters Abby (13) and Kelsie (7). I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 10 and have always been a believer but it wasn’t until four years ago when I started a personal relationship with Him. What’s happened to me in the past four years has been absolutely life-changing. I can’t wait to share this with you!! I had been overweight my entire life, even as a young child. I am an emotional eater and looking back now I realize that I also suffered from food addiction. Since my personal relationship started with the Lord I have lost 140 pounds and my life has been forever changed. I don’t even recognize myself anymore – I have been physically, emotionally and spiritually transformed. Wow – how great is that!?! How great is HE!?! I feel like I have been given my life back or given a “do-over.” I was in such a dark, hopeless place before and didn’t put a whole lot of value on my life. Any and every bad thing you could possibly think about someone I thought about myself. It’s not easy carrying around that much extra weight. I was tired all the time and my joints ached constantly from the osteoarthritis that had developed in my only 31 year old joints. As hard as it is carrying around that much extra weight, I’m sure anyone that has ever been obese will relate to the fact that the emotional baggage you carry with you is far greater than that of the physical baggage. I had tried losing weight so many times in the past, but nothing ever worked. Even if I would manage to get a few pounds off, I would always put it back on. So now you’re wondering what changed, how did this transformation happen? The power of prayer happened!!

I don’t recall exactly what night it was, but one night in February 2012 I just completely gave up. I gave up on trying to lose weight, I gave up hope for the future, I gave up on my body – I just gave up. I remember just saying “take me Lord, I’m done with it. I can’t do this anymore – take me if you want to. I am your child, you are my father. If you want me to keep doing this, you’re going to have to help me because I am done trying to do this on my own!!!” I wouldn’t realize it until much later, but this act of giving up and handing everything over to Him was all that I ever needed to do. By completely handing myself over to Him, I was putting complete faith in Him. Since that night, He has been holding my hand and walking down the path with me, lighting my way with each step of faith I take. For me, the lighted path is my journey, my life, my faith, my inspiration, my joy, my Savior. All the glory to Him who IS great and DOES change lives for I am proof!!

So that was the start of my weight loss journey and the beginning of the new, healthier, happier me. The last two years have been the best two years of my entire life. My transformation started with my physical weight loss and yes, 140 pounds is a substantial transformation but it is the spiritual transformation I am most excited about! I invite you to interact as much as you would like by commenting on my posts or even share your story with me if you feel inspired to do so by using the “Contact Me” page. There is so much we can learn and share from each other.

Take care,


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