Until then, praising Him in the hallway…

Be encouraged…

It’s not always easy being a Christ follower. Sometimes God asks us to endure things that test our limits, our patience and our faith. I’m in a season of testing and this season is bringing stress that has caused physical distress in the form of headaches and fatigue. It brings uncertainty, sleepless nights and loneliness. But, it’s also doing one other very important thing…it’s bringing me closer to my Lord. Every breakdown of tears ends with a redirection of thoughts back to Him. He loves me…He is for me…He is moving mountains that are still out of my sight…He is working it all out for good…His timing is perfect. I may not understand why my breakthrough of my current circumstance hasn’t come yet, but I trust that He does and there’s a reason. He has recently encouraged me with the song “Miracle” by the group Unspoken and it was exactly what I needed at the time I needed it as it is a song filled with hope. Music has a special way of touching my soul so the Lord has used song to speak into my life on many occasions. This is the second to the last song on my iTunes playlist. The last song is “Glorious” by BJ Putnam which is a song of praise to our Almighty Jesus. I find it of no coincidence that these are the last two songs on my playlist. Miracle reminds me not to give up and to keep trusting in Him and His timing and Glorious reminds me to continue praising His great name in the hallway while I wait for the next door to open.

Until the next door opens, be encouraged that it’s all part of a plan as our God doesn’t waste anything that you’re going through. Continue to trust in Him…praise Him in the hallway!

He is faithful…He is trustworthy…AND, He is the God of miracles.

I’m hanging on to this verse: Luke 1:45 “Blessed is she who believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!”

I hear God asking me “Do you trust me Jenny?” I trust you Lord, I trust you…

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