The times are changing…

Does anybody else feel it? Do you sense that things are changing on a spiritual level? Everything inside of me senses that the “the church”, that is the body of Christ is being awakened at a level that has not been before. Things are happening, things are changing and they seem to be accelerating. It’s very hard to even try to put what I feel into words to type this but the others I’ve visited with about this also have that same “feeling” and I know that there’s no coincidence. Now I don’t know how close we are to the End Times and the triumphant return of Christ, but I do know that each day we are closer than we were the day before. I believe that we are relatively getting closer to it and that God is calling His believers, His Church, to a new level in preparation.

The church we have joined in Surprise is a new church, but the people coming to this church all seem to have one thing in common. We all feel like there is no coincidence that we were brought to this church and for the vast majority of us that have recently moved to this community from another state, we feel like there is no coincidence that we were brought to this place as well because we all feel like we were brought here for a reason…we’re just not sure why yet. It’s interesting when you visit with multiple people/couples that are all very new to town and everybody is saying the same thing – we all came here because this is where the Lord was leading us and we trusted and were obedient to that leading and now we all feel completely at peace with being here now…how cool is that?

Our Heavenly Father is up to something, that is for sure! He’s banding His workers together. He’s preparing us for a new level…how exciting!! There is a bountiful harvest yet to be brought in before His return…

Luke 10:2 He told them, The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.


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