When the Holy Spirit speaks…

Had an amazing experience yesterday…

I had a conversation with someone and it left me feeling uneasy. I was worried about it and the conversation kept replaying in my mind over and over on my drive home. My stomach felt like it was tied in knots and the rest of my body was physically feeling the effects of the stress. The thought came over me of “This person doesn’t have power to make me feel like this”. The very second that this thought coursed through my mind, the knot in my stomach dissolved and the feelings of stress released its grip on me. Just like that the feelings of worry and unease were completely gone. My next thoughts were that of “hey, that’s right…this person doesn’t have the power to make me feel like this”. It was like someone else was the one with the initial thought and I was merely agreeing with them! A flurry of other thoughts and thankfulness and emotion washed over me as I realized that the Holy Spirit had just talked through me to remind me that only He has this kind of power over me. Other people don’t have this kind of power unless I let them. It reminded me that when I know  I’m right with the Lord, it doesn’t matter if I’m right with anyone of this world. Wow, what a powerful experience…to go from complete worry to complete peace!!

What’s even more neat about this is that this is right on the heels of my prayers earlier this week asking that the power of the Holy Spirit completely fill me. All praise to God that loves us and answers our prayers!!

Friends, we must live to serve our Heavenly Father…not people of this world! The only thing that matters is that we are right with Him…when we’re right with Him, everything else is right…

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