Good enough is just not good enough…

So I finished up my last post and headed out the door for a walk. Not more than a few minutes into my walk all these thoughts started flooding in and I knew they were for another post. Forty minutes into my walk, I just can’t stand it… I’ve got to stop and start writing! Ok Lord, another post it is…

Good enough is just not good enough.

What am I talking about? Glad you asked! We were not meant to just go through the motions of this thing called life. For each of us that call ourselves believers, we have been called by God. We have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior and have decided to follow His lead and put our trust in Him…right? So are we following Him? Are we trusting Him? Do you lay down your life and truly trust that He’ll pick it up? We CANNOT just go through the motions of life, we were made for so much more!! If you don’t have joy in your life, if you don’t have peace in your life – you are going through the motions! I can say that because I’ve been on the other side of that coin, I didn’t always have joy and peace…but I do now!! If you are merely going through the motions of life, stop accepting that – that’s not what God wants for you. He wants each of us to be filled with His Holy Spirit and His power, His Joy, His Peace, His Patience, His love. How do you do more than just go through the motions? SEEK HIM! Get into His Word! Pray, pray, pray!! Make a decision that you are going to follow Him and let Him lead you and then ask for His help to help you do it!

Good enough is not good enough. You can be free from stress, free from worry, and instead be filled with hope and peace and comfort…that’s His plan for us if we’ll humble ourselves to ask for His help and make our relationship with Him a priority.

 Good enough is just not good enough anymore…get fired up…stop going through the motions…stop accepting less than His best for you…invite Him on your daily walk through life…seek Him…trust Him! Let Him illuminate YOUR path as He has mine! 

Thank you Heavenly Father for calling me to life. Thank you for your son Jesus that saved me and walks with me every day and because of Him, I can have a relationship with You. Thank you for the light You shine on me and through me. Thank you for the thoughts and the words that You give me, all the glory to You Father. 

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