The Proof of Your love

One of my favorite songs is “Proof of Your Love” by For King and Country. This song touches me in a special way because the words it sings about is one of my most prayed prayers…let my life be the proof of Your love. I want every aspect of my life to show what the Lord has done for me because of His love for me. My actions, my words, my character…I want that light to shine so brightly for my Heavenly Father that others will want that light and a relationship with Jesus Christ for themselves. I want my entire life to shine with proof of His unending love. As a follower of Jesus Christ, we are each called to spread the Good News and the hope that our Savior brings. The first step to doing that is just showing others our character and leading by example. Inspire others to be on fire for Christ by you yourself being on fire for Him!! 

Father, thank you so much for showing me Your steadfast love in every aspect of my life. Thank You for being faithful to me and letting Your light shine for and through me. Let MY life be the proof of Your love. Use me as Your hands and feet on the ground to accomplish Your mission. In Jesus name, amen.

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