No coincidences…

I took a trip to Orlando, FL this past week for work and ended up having a pretty special flight from Phoenix to Nashville. Have you ever met someone and you knew instantly when you met them that there was absolutely no coincidence that you had just met that person? Well, that’s what I would have to say about meeting the passenger next to me on my connection flight to Nashville. The Lord put me next to a fourteen year old young man named Joseph. This flight was Joseph’s very first time flying. He mentioned that to me when asking for some help with getting the seatbelt fastened for takeoff. We started talking and proceeded to discuss a variety of things the entire way to Nashville such as him spending time in the Phoenix area to visit his grandparents, what my job entailed, each of our families, Star Wars movies, aspirations for the future and many other things. The topic of conversation that I enjoyed the most was sharing about my faith and what Jesus has done for me. This part of the conversation started when he out of the blue asked me if I was religious. Later he said he hoped he hadn’t offended me, but I explained to him that quite the contrary…I’ll talk about my faith every opportunity I get! He had some interesting views on a few things and although I didn’t agree with all of his viewpoints, it got me thinking about a few things. For me, I believe this conversation was preparation for sharing my faith with others and being prepared for different viewpoints and objections that will be brought before me. What he got out of that conversation I’ll probably never know but I trust that he got something out of it as I truly believe it was no coincidence that we crossed paths. 

When we first took off, I had pulled out a book I had intended on reading. I opened it up and mentally noted the fact that what I was using for a bookmark was two torn  off corners of two sheets of paper. I wondered why I had two corners of torn paper but stuffed them back in as a bookmark when my conversation with Joseph started. As our plane was landing, I felt that the Holy Spirit was telling me to leave my web address for this blog with Joseph so I started looking for some paper to write it down on that I wouldn’t need. After looking in my purse and carry-on bag, I remembered the second torn corner of paper that I had used as a bookmark. See Joseph, there are no coincidences! 

Joseph, I pray that the Lord blesses you and your life beyond imagination as he has blessed me! As you follow your dreams to become the big movie star that you want to become – always keep Jesus and God the Father front and center in your life!! For with Him, all things are possible. I’ll leave you with this – walk with Jesus. Get to know Him by reading the Bible, put your trust in Him and invite Him to be with you on your daily walk through life. For with Him, your path through life will be well lit! He is the ONLY source of light on a lighted path. You are an awesome, awesome, awesome (see, I remembered to use it three times, ha!) person and it was my pleasure to have spent a couple of hours talking with you. Take care Joseph! 

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