Being powerful for Christ…

I heard a sermon a few weeks ago about being powerful for Christ and its still got me thinking. It’s premise was about how each of us as being believers and followers of Jesus Christ should seek how we can be powerful for Christ. How can we spread the Good News? How can we engage people in our own communities and start conversations? How can we share Christ’s love with new people? How can we get to a new level in our own faith to where sharing Jesus is just part of our everyday lives? The word that keeps coming to me is boldness. I think we need to be bold in order to be powerful for Christ. We need to not worry about what other people might think of us! When I stand before my King someday, I don’t want Him to have to ask me why I didn’t walk through the doors that He opened for me. Boldness… A good friend once said “this life isn’t a dress rehearsal, we only get one shot at this”. He was absolutely right, we only get one chance at this thing called life! I want to be powerful for Christ!! I want to be bold for Christ!! 

Father, I ask you to reveal ways that I can be powerful for you. I ask that you give me boldness and courage in my everyday life to approach new people and start conversations that I normally wouldn’t. In Jesus name, amen.

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