God opens doors that no man can close…

I just can’t praise God enough! I just walked by the house that my sister will be moving into in less than two weeks. The reason why that’s a big deal is it was only He that could have arranged it!! My sister was planning on moving down to Arizona with us; she really needs a fresh start in her life. Of course as she started on that path, the enemy tried hard to de-rail her from what the Lord had planned. He put doubts and fears and problems with her children and many others things in front of her to stumble on. This was a great lesson for her in trusting Him and having faith and patience! We live in the fastest growing city in the country right now and homes to rent in the better communities are VERY competitive. With her specific circumstances from her past, it was a stretch that a landlord would pick her for a house over other applicants. That is the power of the Lord people! He can AND DOES open doors that NO MAN can close!! When you have a peace about something, keep walking forward! Peace and light comes from the Lord; trust that He will be there to see you through what you yourself can not see the other side of. He is faithful and He is trustworthy! 

2 Corinthians 5:7 – “For we walk by faith, not by sight”
Thank you Father for being completely faithful in every situation. Thank you for loving us and guiding our steps. Thank you for opening doors that no man can close…you are absolutely amazing and I praise You for everything You do in mine and my families lives! Thank you for the vision that you gave me many weeks ago of welcoming Katie and her family down here when she finally pulled into town. I knew then that it came from you and was a sign for me to keep trusting and praying for Your favor for her. Lord, I ask you for their safety as they make the trip down here from North Dakota and I thank You for it. In Jesus name, amen.

Are you in?

So I heard on the radio this morning that the Christian station I was listening to had done a 30 day listening challenge. A caller was on the line this morning that had taken the challenge and called in with this wonderful story about how she had fallen away from Christ and her friend told her about the listening challenge and she decided to do it and the songs touched her so much that she was inspired to get back in her Bible and it has positevely impacted every area of her life. 

The Lord also uses music to speak to me. There have been many times where a specific song will come on and it is exactly what I needed to hear at that exact moment. There have been days when I’m just feeling down and realized that I had been too busy to turn on the radio or my playlist on my phone and as soon as I turn it on and start listening, my spirits are lifted!

The day I took the leap of faith and gave my notice to my employer back in ND without having a new job lined up in AZ, I remember walking back into my office after just talking to a co-worker about it and I was admittedly thinking “what did I just do?” and right when I walked back into my office, the song “No Turning Back” by Brandom Heath was playing from my phone. There could have been any song playing at that time, but the Lord reassured me with the exact words I needed to hear! Our God is so incredibly amazing, I just can’t praise Him enough!!!

I’m going to issue the same challenge to everyone reading this. If you don’t already listen to Christian music on a regular basis, take the 30 day challenge. Listen to NOTHING but Christian music for 30 days…in the car, at work, etc. If you don’t normally listen to music, START. Make a point to to find a local Christian station and listen. Let’s see how the Lord uses music to speak to you!! 🙂

The Proof of Your love

One of my favorite songs is “Proof of Your Love” by For King and Country. This song touches me in a special way because the words it sings about is one of my most prayed prayers…let my life be the proof of Your love. I want every aspect of my life to show what the Lord has done for me because of His love for me. My actions, my words, my character…I want that light to shine so brightly for my Heavenly Father that others will want that light and a relationship with Jesus Christ for themselves. I want my entire life to shine with proof of His unending love. As a follower of Jesus Christ, we are each called to spread the Good News and the hope that our Savior brings. The first step to doing that is just showing others our character and leading by example. Inspire others to be on fire for Christ by you yourself being on fire for Him!! 

Father, thank you so much for showing me Your steadfast love in every aspect of my life. Thank You for being faithful to me and letting Your light shine for and through me. Let MY life be the proof of Your love. Use me as Your hands and feet on the ground to accomplish Your mission. In Jesus name, amen.

No coincidences…

I took a trip to Orlando, FL this past week for work and ended up having a pretty special flight from Phoenix to Nashville. Have you ever met someone and you knew instantly when you met them that there was absolutely no coincidence that you had just met that person? Well, that’s what I would have to say about meeting the passenger next to me on my connection flight to Nashville. The Lord put me next to a fourteen year old young man named Joseph. This flight was Joseph’s very first time flying. He mentioned that to me when asking for some help with getting the seatbelt fastened for takeoff. We started talking and proceeded to discuss a variety of things the entire way to Nashville such as him spending time in the Phoenix area to visit his grandparents, what my job entailed, each of our families, Star Wars movies, aspirations for the future and many other things. The topic of conversation that I enjoyed the most was sharing about my faith and what Jesus has done for me. This part of the conversation started when he out of the blue asked me if I was religious. Later he said he hoped he hadn’t offended me, but I explained to him that quite the contrary…I’ll talk about my faith every opportunity I get! He had some interesting views on a few things and although I didn’t agree with all of his viewpoints, it got me thinking about a few things. For me, I believe this conversation was preparation for sharing my faith with others and being prepared for different viewpoints and objections that will be brought before me. What he got out of that conversation I’ll probably never know but I trust that he got something out of it as I truly believe it was no coincidence that we crossed paths. 

When we first took off, I had pulled out a book I had intended on reading. I opened it up and mentally noted the fact that what I was using for a bookmark was two torn  off corners of two sheets of paper. I wondered why I had two corners of torn paper but stuffed them back in as a bookmark when my conversation with Joseph started. As our plane was landing, I felt that the Holy Spirit was telling me to leave my web address for this blog with Joseph so I started looking for some paper to write it down on that I wouldn’t need. After looking in my purse and carry-on bag, I remembered the second torn corner of paper that I had used as a bookmark. See Joseph, there are no coincidences! 

Joseph, I pray that the Lord blesses you and your life beyond imagination as he has blessed me! As you follow your dreams to become the big movie star that you want to become – always keep Jesus and God the Father front and center in your life!! For with Him, all things are possible. I’ll leave you with this – walk with Jesus. Get to know Him by reading the Bible, put your trust in Him and invite Him to be with you on your daily walk through life. For with Him, your path through life will be well lit! He is the ONLY source of light on a lighted path. You are an awesome, awesome, awesome (see, I remembered to use it three times, ha!) person and it was my pleasure to have spent a couple of hours talking with you. Take care Joseph! 

Being powerful for Christ…

I heard a sermon a few weeks ago about being powerful for Christ and its still got me thinking. It’s premise was about how each of us as being believers and followers of Jesus Christ should seek how we can be powerful for Christ. How can we spread the Good News? How can we engage people in our own communities and start conversations? How can we share Christ’s love with new people? How can we get to a new level in our own faith to where sharing Jesus is just part of our everyday lives? The word that keeps coming to me is boldness. I think we need to be bold in order to be powerful for Christ. We need to not worry about what other people might think of us! When I stand before my King someday, I don’t want Him to have to ask me why I didn’t walk through the doors that He opened for me. Boldness… A good friend once said “this life isn’t a dress rehearsal, we only get one shot at this”. He was absolutely right, we only get one chance at this thing called life! I want to be powerful for Christ!! I want to be bold for Christ!! 

Father, I ask you to reveal ways that I can be powerful for you. I ask that you give me boldness and courage in my everyday life to approach new people and start conversations that I normally wouldn’t. In Jesus name, amen.