Such a sad day…

The Supreme Court ruled today to allow same sex marriage in the U.S. Did that really just happen? How did we get to this point?

I read the headlines and although I had somehow known that this was coming, I just sat at my desk and cried. My heart is so saddened for all the disillusioned people in this country that believe it’s ok to marry someone of the same sex. My heart breaks for these people because I know if these people believe in same sex marriage, they don’t know Jesus Christ as their personal savior and do not trust in the Word of God. 

I am comforted by the knowledge and trust that my Heavenly Father is just as much in control today as he was yesterday! As much as we can’t understand it, this too is part of the plan. He knows exactly what He’s doing – we just need to trust. His great name WILL BE glorified through this too. 

As the saying goes…we know who wins!!!

Please join me in prayer for all the people that were for same sex marriage being passed – pray that they find Jesus.

Finding His peace…

My parents always told me growing up to go where the peace is and if you have a peace about a situation, it’s the right thing because that peace comes from God.

A special peace just came over me as I was walking out of the Sunday service I just attended. I thought the words “I’m home”. Not specifically for the church I had just attended, but Arizona…and especially this city. I don’t know why the Lord has brought me to Surprise, AZ, but I trust that in time that will be revealed. This peace is another confirmation!

Peace comes when we are following what Jesus wants for us. My friends, if you don’t have peace – seek it, seek Him.

Proverbs 8:17 “I love those who love me: And those who diligently seek me will find me”

I thank you for your peace Lord Jesus, that confirms that I am on the right path…the Lighted path.

Trust and Thankfulness…

Wake up and start your day with thanking the Lord for all He did for you yesterday and all that He WILL DO for you today and tomorrow.  He deserves our praises and recognition for all He does for us (even the smallest of things)!

 This morning I thanked Him again for the safety of all of our belongings that arrived on the moving truck down to Arizona, for giving me a successful week setting up the new house, the motivation for all the cleaning I did and the sense of security that I had knowing that although I was by myself in this big house in a strange city that I was never alone!! I trusted that He would supply me with everything I needed here this week and He supplied just that…Himself!! His blessings, His presence, His safety, His strength, His security. 

Trust that He will provide for you and He WILL. Have the kind of trust where you trust Him so much that you can honestly thank Him in advance for what you know He WILL do!!! Then when He does exactly that, thank Him for it!!! 

I posted a moving update on Facebook the other night and several people commented about how everything seems to be falling into place for us…TO GOD BE THE GLORY!! Absolutely every single detail has fallen into place exactly when it needed to – THANK YOU LORD!!!

Trust and thankfulness…thank you Father for showing me how important these things are to my relationship with you…