Beyond Blessed…

What a week this has been, wow! I’ve been in Arizona this week making arrangements for our move here soon. This whole move has been a lesson of trusting and walking by faith and not by sight. My husband and I have given notices to employers before having new jobs lined up. We’ve made arrangements for moving without even having a new house lined up to move into. The list goes on. We’ve just trusted that the Lord would provide every step of the way. He has shown us this week just how much we can in fact trust Him. I came to Surprise, AZ this week with an impossible task – to find a house to rent in one week with no jobs lined up yet and no real way of assuring a potential landlord that we would in fact be able to pay our rent. We knew that this was something that we were supposed to be doing so I came to AZ with nothing but my trust that the Lord would provide and He did! I found the perfect house, exactly what our family had been wanting down to every last detail. The amazing part of this story is the fact that another couple looked at it right before us, was willing to take it right away and they both had stable jobs in the area already, but…the owner chose us and we got the lease!!! Here’s the other cool part to this story – I had an appt. set up with a realtor to show me three properties this Monday morning and when Monday rolls around and we get to town, she couldn’t get in touch with the listing agent for any of those three she was supposed to show me so we weren’t able to see any of them. After finding this out, I confirmed my trust in the Lord and decided to start looking for some other properties to check out. Out of the blue, I get a call from the owner of the property I ended up renting to say he had just happened to run across my voicemail from last week and realized he never got back to me. It just so happened, right?!? We trusted and the Lord provided!!! His presence has been so strong with me this week.  It also “just so happened” that the job I’ve been waiting to hear back on called me for an interview and so I was also able to do that while I was in the area this week. God is so GREAT!!!! All we need to do is trust in Him. An impossible task? With Him there is NOTHING that is impossible!! I am beyond blessed…

Thank you Lord for the grace and peace you have given me throughout this whole process. Thank you for the courage to step out in faith and truly trust you with our lives. Thank you for providing everything we need at exactly the right time that we need it. Thank you that there are no coincidences – only you placing your favor on our lives and loving your children. 

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