He is worthy of our trust!

I just can’t imagine (knowing what I know now) walking through life without the Lord by my side. I can walk in a complete stride of trust. I used to be a worrier – a big time worrier! Now, I’m the one with a sense of peace and others are worrying around me. My personal relationship with Him has grown so much and He has show me that He CAN be trusted. Right now He is faithfully working out all the details for everything in my life. Even with something as big as an upcoming move across the country, finding jobs, finding a good neighborhood and good schools for our girls, I am completely at peace and am able to put trust in Him and He is blessing me for that in return. Every situation that I put my trust in Him and give up control of, He confirms that He is with me and is trustworthy. He never lets me down.

So here’s my latest example: When we had decided to move to Arizona, one of the things that I started looking into was some of the after-school child care programs available knowing that if I (and probably my husband too) was going to commute to Phoenix each day, that the girls would need some kind of after-school program. Not to mention something for the morning as well. After seeing the costs for it and the fact that the hours still probably wouldn’t fully accommodate a full work day plus commute time, I knew that I just couldn’t worry about it and handed it over to the Lord knowing that when the time comes, he would provide for that too. So I was visiting with my mom this past weekend and she (without me having shared my concerns on this topic) says that the Lord gave her the word nanny after she had been praying about what she is supposed to do in Arizona (she’s been planning on retiring and moving back down there with us). She said that the only thing that keeps coming to mind when she thinks about what she is supposed to be doing down there after retiring is to help out with the kids. At this point, I share the fact that I had previously had concerns about what to do with the kids with being gone extended hours but had just trusted that the Lord would take care of it at the time. Wow, what a great moment as we realize that He has just answered prayers for both of us!!

Our God is so great and wants to help us in every way possible – we need only to let Him. Tell Him your problems, your worries, your fears and ask for His help. Nothing is too big for the Creator of all to handle. Invite Him along on your daily walk in life – you will be amazed how He shows up!

Psalms 9:10 “And they that know your name will put their trust in you; for you, Lord, have not forsaken them that seek you.”

Thank you Lord Jesus for being the foundation that I can build my life upon. You are the everlasting light for my path.

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