He takes it all!

My mom and I were talking yesterday and she shared a story with me that I just have to share. In 1980 my parents packed up everything into a U-Haul and moved from Arizona to Tennessee. When they got to Tennessee, they couldn’t find work. Six weeks later, they moved back to Arizona and unpacked the U-Haul. While unpacking, they discovered that there had been a leak in the U-Haul. The ONLY thing damaged was my mom’s Bible that was packed in a box with other books. The Bible was still wet from soaking up water but nothing else was damaged or even damp!

What a great story! My parents knew that The Lord had saved their possessions from being ruined by that Bible soaking up all the water. This story is so symbolic of God’s love for us. He loves us so much that He would take it all upon Himself to save us!

Praise The Lord!! Thank you Jesus for taking it ALL for us!!!


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