Are you walking with Jesus?

When I talk about my faith, I mention my personal relationship with Jesus. Occasionally, I will get someone that has that deer in the headlights look when I mention it. I have to think that they are looking at me that way because they have no concept of what it actually means to have a PERSONAL relationship with Him. Truly, how sad. There IS a difference between knowing ABOUT Jesus and KNOWING Jesus!! Anyone that goes to church regularly or grew up in a Christian home can say they know about Jesus – but are you following Him? Have you invited Him to walk WITH YOU through life? Have you accepted Him as your Lord and Savior? Do you put your trust in Him?

John 14:6, Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through me.”

There is no other way to salvation than through Christ Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus is our Counsellor, our Father, our Healer, our King, our High Priest, and our Redeemer. Jesus is the ONLY way!!

He has completely changed my life; I am so very grateful!! I could have never imagined the peace that I now have since asking Him into my life. I now truly understand what it means to have been “born again” because I have been. I am NOT the same person I used to be – praise the Lord for that!! I don’t think the way I used to, my wants have changed and I have Him to thank for all of it – He is truly an amazing God!!! I equate my journey to taking a walk with my Lord Jesus. He is here with me, holding my hand while we walk. When I trip and start to stumble, He doesn’t let me fall. Sometimes we come across sunshine and things couldn’t be better and sometimes it’s raining but we’re still together and I know I’m not alone so that gets me through to the next sunny spot. If you’ve tried walking on your own and you keep stumbling – maybe it’s time to invite JESUS to walk with you!




Thank you Jesus for being with me. Thank you for the peace, the strength, and the love that you give me. My heart sings a brand new song – thank you Lord Jesus!!

With God in my presence…

Our Lord gives us exactly what we need when we need it – He is so great!!! I’ve been struggling lately and feeling kind of hopeless. I’ve spent the last couple of days just asking for strength and patience and spent a lot of time in my Bible seeking Him.

I’ve started doing a little running on my walks lately. I am so not a runner so I can only run for a block at a time so end up alternating between running and walking one block at a time. It takes me my entire walking block to recover from each of my running blocks. I’m talking burning lungs and completely out of breath – it’s downright pathetic!! So this morning I head out for my walk with a freshly downloaded audiobook of The Bible on my phone to listen to. I walk for my normal warm-up blocks and then began running. To my surprise at the end of my running block I’m feeling great and so I continue on to the second block. As I’m halfway through the second block I realize my lungs aren’t burning, I’m not short of breath and The Lord is absolutely with me!! I ran four blocks straight this morning and ended it feeling absolutely great! I felt His presence with me so strongly – hard to even describe. He gave me exactly what I needed right now – His reassurance that there is no need for hopelessness; He IS with me!! My lack of strength and patience from yesterday are replaced with feelings of hope for tomorrow. Have I ever mentioned how great our God is!?!

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.