Well, I guess it’s time to start that book…

If there is one lesson I have been learning lately – it is that we must be obedient to our God. In my obedience, I find blessings and in dis-obedience, I find confusion and struggle. I have still been struggling lately with how I am meant to share my (His) weight loss story. I have mentioned before about how The Lord has put it on my heart to share my story with others. I was reminded lately that the blessings He gives us are meant to be used to then bless others; we are to be a pass-through  entity. So I came back to the most recent blessing I have received – my weight loss. This reminder of how we are blessed so that we can bless others shifted everything back into focus. I have been focusing on a lot of things lately, none of them being how I can share my weight loss story. So I was visiting with my mom the other evening and she was telling me about a young pastor she was watching on TBN. He was saying how when you are praying for guidance and direction and you don’t seem to be getting any to go back to the last time you know you heard from God and were you obedient to His direction at that time? So I thought back to the last time I knew without a doubt I had heard from The Lord. It was probably about six months ago I was driving out of town by myself and was asking The Lord for guidance and He gave me the idea to write a book to share my weight loss story and even gave me the title, the picture for the front cover and the format in which to write it in. At the time I was completely blown away and so grateful for the guidance but I quickly let negative thoughts start to take over. “What do I know about writing a book?” “How could I write a book – it’s not like I took a bunch of notes while going through my weight loss.”  “Why would anyone want to read about MY story?” So I put it off and thought that there surely must be some other way to share my weight loss story without having to write a book. Wow, a few takeaways from the pastor on TBN but the biggest thing that hit me was: don’t go looking for guidance on something that He has already given you the answer to! He had pointed me in a direction and I had not been obedient to his request. I had been failing to remember a few important things:

-I need to be a pass-through for the blessing I have received

-I can do ALL things through Christ (Philippians 4:13)

-If He brought me to it, He’ll bring me through it

So Ok Lord – writing a book it is! I am putting my faith and trust in that you are going to help me write this book because I have no clue how to do it on my own. Give me the words Lord, give me the words!!

So a little bit ago I see a post on Facebook from the Joyce Meyer Ministries, it says:

“Procrastination is probably the most deceptive thing the devil has ever come up with. When God tells us to do something, unless He says do it tomorrow, God’s time is always now.”

Well, it looks like I have a book to start – right now. To God be the glory!

Thank you Lord Jesus for always putting me back on the path when I stray off; for bringing me back to you.

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