Spiritual Warfare – A literal “pain”

I don’t know how much you know about spiritual warfare or if you have ever had it affect you, but it is something I have been dealing with a lot lately. As my relationship with the Lord strengthens, the enemy tries to put up road blocks to get in my way. Recently, these road blocks have come in the form of headaches. I am not one that normally gets headaches, but I have had daily headaches for the past several weeks now. They were getting severe enough that I decided to go to the doctor last Friday. The CT scan did not reveal any abnormalities. So with the excellent news that everything looked clear on the scan, it was clear to me that these headaches were yet another attack from the enemy. Headaches – what a perfect way for the enemy to try to attack! It’s hard to think about reading in your Bible, doing your weekly Bible study, exercising, or anything for that matter when you are experiencing physical pain. These headaches are one of many physical attacks I have experienced. The enemy knows that I have a low pain tolerance and that I don’t deal with it well when I don’t feel good so he uses that against me.

You’re probably wondering why I’m so confident that these physical maladies are in fact attacks from the enemy. I’ll share something with you – some time ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a very odd pain in my throat. It was not like a sore throat or like anything I have ever felt before. It was so strange of a feeling that I knew right away that it was an attack from the enemy. I started praying – first with declaring that the enemy had no control over my body just as he has no control over my life, my spirit or my soul. I verbally spoke every word that came to my mind to not only refuse the enemy but to declare that Jesus was my Lord, my Savior, my shepherd and that I was covered in and by the blood of Jesus Christ who died for me. I fell back asleep that night while praying but woke up some time later, still in the night realizing that the pain was completely gone and I could go back to sleep for the night. What a night that was!! That was my first experience with realizing that the enemy was actually trying to physically attack me. Since then, my awareness has been raised and I know what to do when I sense another attack.

So with the absence of another headache, I was able to make it back to the gym today – another testimony to the power of prayer! Satan is no match against the power of the blood of Jesus Christ – Praise God for that!!!

Take care,


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